With their last child a year out from graduating high school and flying the coop, our clients for this project were planning their new life as empty nesters and wanted to expand their small cottage on the lake for entertaining guests.

First, the former two-car garage-turned cottage where they currently stayed needed some upgrades. We improved the floor plan on the first floor by removing walls to open up the space. The resulting space allowed for a full kitchen, “living room,” and dining area all in one room, making the space more conducive for entertaining.

Also, the attic, which spanned the size of the structure, was reimagined as guests’ quarters. Everything was cleared out, and the room was sectioned off into communal space, a bedroom, and a bathroom.

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Second, The main feature, and inspiration for renovating and expanding, was the concept of an outdoor living room with a full kitchen. to accommodate more people, engage the outdoors, and create the opportunity for outdoor entertaining, the empty nesters wanted to add a couple of spaces.

and an efficiency unit complete with bedroom, bathroom, and a kitchenette.

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