Making our clients, our community, and the built and natural environments better through responsibly designed spaces that leave lasting, positive impacts.


Founded in 2016 by Wayne Williams, Workshop: Architecture is a small, community-focused practice in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with three core focus areas: gracious modern homes, infill multi-family developments, and distinctive business spaces. And no matter the type or scale of project, we always focus on smart, energy-efficient design solutions.

We pride ourselves on our approach, which combines a collaborative open studio with detailed documentation processes, so that, no matter which member of our team you are working with, you can be assured of getting the same high quality design and service.

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We believe that, with our knowledge and skill-set, we have a responsibility to:

  • Improve Well-Being

By understanding that space and materials affect human health and mood, we design unique structures that facilitate happier, healthier people.  

  • Facilitate Inclusivity

By engaging our community to understand and honor the needs of everyone who comprises it, we design progressively accessible, inviting, and safe spaces that foster connection, community, and a sense of place for all. 

  • Inspire Awe

By creating structures appropriate to their time and place, we inspire people to notice, value, and engage with architecture, each other, and their environment. 

  • Restore Ecosystems

By using less land and natural resources and creating opportunities for added biological diversity, we seek to reduce our footprint and to repair living systems.

Responsibly designed spaces that leave lasting, positive impact.