When the former Knitting Mill building on Manufacturer’s Road was purchased in 2016, the antique shop - which comprised most of the first floor - moved out and left behind a vast, open floor plan that was ripe for sectioning off into a multi-use development. Each of the respective spaces was left unfinished and was up to the prospective businesses to build out.

Sculpture Flats _ Frios_Web_9.jpg

When Frios Gourmet Pops moved in and sought us out to do their interiors, the owner loved the rustic bones of the building and wanted a simple design that would maintain the aesthetic of exposed wood and brick throughout the store. However, with the long, narrow units that resulted from the divided building, the exposed wood created a dim, unwelcoming space.

In order to enhance the natural light and visually expand the space, we highlighted the ceiling and walls with cool, light grays and whites. The increased bright light combined with the wood features not only kept things simple and capitalized on the existing aesthetic, but they also provided the feel of a classic ice cream parlor.