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The Jones Residence was designed for a couple with grown children who wanted a smaller home that would be comfortable and easy to care for. The living spaces and master bedroom suite are all on one level. The second level holds a guest bedroom and bath and a small reading nook in the stair landing. The couple are also artists and art collectors so the house had to be planned for the display of their art collection and include a small studio.

The house site was a “discovered lot” subdivided from an existing home site, and sits at the point where the existing neighborhood transitions from pre-war bungalows to mid-century modern suburban styles. Challenges and opportunities included a magnificent white oak tree, steep terrain, and a noisy five-way intersection. We utilized the parking and courtyard to screen the house from the road and provide privacy while capturing views and daylight to the rear. You can read about the site planning process here.

The house is full of custom details--for example, the open riser stair and the deep counters at the kitchen sink which create a plant shelf. Without the attention of a masterful builder to such features, the outcome would not have been nearly as elegant. Even details that you can't see are designed and executed with intention. The house is built using advanced framing, which saves lumber and allows for more insulation in the walls. The crawlspace is sealed and insulated and the exterior air barrier is carefully detailed and installed to minimize air leakage. Fittingly, at the time of the blower door test, the house set a new record with the local testing agency for airtightness.

Further information about the design of this house can be found here, here, and here.

Construction: New Blue Construction

Photography: Morgan Nowland