I graduated from Auburn University in 1993 and began my career in Birmingham, Alabama. In 1999 I moved back to my hometown of Chattanooga, where I worked for a number of firms before starting my own practice in 2016. Over the years I’ve touched virtually every project type, from home renovations to landmark institutional buildings. My core expertise is in K-12 and higher education projects, but my work history also includes historic restoration, facilities needs analysis, and residential projects.

K-12 Schools

East Brainerd Elementary
TWH Architects, 2014
New construction, 154,000 sq. ft.

Red Bank Middle School
TWH Architects, 2010
New construction, 160,000 sq. ft.

Hixson Middle School
TWH Architects, 2006
New construction, 154,000 sq. ft.

St. Peter's Church School
Derthick, Henley & Wilkerson, 2004

St. Nicholas School
Derthick, Henley & Wilkerson, 2005

Valley Intermediate School (Birmingham, Ala.)
Crawford, McWilliams & Hatcher, 1999
New construction, 82,000 sq. ft.

Vestavia Hills Elementary (Birmingham, Ala.)
Holley & Watson, 1994
Cafeteria and classroom additions/renovations


Commercial, Business, Retail

Cogent Studio, 2015
Commercial interior

UNUM Parking Garage
Derthick, Henley & Wilkerson, 2003
New construction, 318,000 sq. ft.

Covenant Transport
Derthick, Henley & Wilkerson, 2000
Addition, 90,000 sq. ft.

Mall of Louisiana (Baton Rouge, La.)
Crawford, McWilliams & Hatcher, 1996
New construction, 337,000 sq. ft.

The Summit (Birmingham, Ala.)
Crawford, McWilliams & Hatcher, 1998
New construction


Abello Residence
TWH Architects, 2012
New construction

Quinn Residence
TWH Architects, 2010
New construction

Smith Residence
Interior renovation/addition

Williams Residence
New construction

Higher Education

UTC Wellness Center, Phase 1 (The ARC)
Derthick, Henley & Wilkerson, 2006
New construction

UTC Math, Science and Engineering Building
Derthick, Henley & Wilkerson, 2002
New construction, 203,000 sq. ft.


The Chattanooga/Hamilton County
Convention & Trade Center

Derthick, Henley & Wilkerson, 2001
New construction and renovation

Champions Club Tennis Complex
Derthick, Henley & Wilkerson, 2000
New construction

Chattanooga Boys and Girls Club
TWH Architects, 2007
New construction

Army Air National Guard Helicopter Hangar
(Birmingham, Ala.)

Crawford, McWilliams & Hatcher, 1996
Addition and new construction

Historic Restoration

UTC, 551 Oak Street
Cogent Studio, 2015
Exterior restoration

St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Derthick, Henley & Wilkerson, 1999
Addition and renovation